how to keep my rapala lure in a straight line?

i found a rapala lure while on holiday ( the jointed type), it’s got a bit of rust on the trebles but the rest of the lure is in pretty good shape. so i rigged it up with some steel leader and a swivel and tested it in my pool but it seems to want to pull towards the left while i am reeling it in! this could cause a problem while i fish because i was going to troll it on my fishing kayak with other lures in the water and it will probably tangle with the other lures. is this normal for it to go to the left, can i stop it doing this?

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  1. Steven B Post author

    this is can be a problem with multiple lures. what you can do is take a pair of needle nose pliers and GENTLY bend the eyelet you tie to to the right. if you try to hard it could crack it if plastic or break out if wood.

    then test again and see what happens

  2. paul g Post author

    Put the lure in tune, make sure the front eyelet is 100 percent vertical can accomplish this with needle nose pliers. Here is the part that sounds easier than it really is If the lure is visually running to the left, with minor pressure bend that front eyelet to the right only slightly some times .010 movement is required. Retest the lure after each bend.
    If lure is tracking to the right bend with slight pressure to left, TIP: try not to bend the eyelet to often it may weeken it. find info. at check out the DVD`s Happy tunnin

  3. stickypyros2 Post author

    If nothing else just buy a new one.They’re not that expensive.

  4. jbrd25 Post author

    First you need to tie the right knot. (according to the packaging that came in my Rapala lure, Rapala has made their knot for their lures) You can do a search for Rapala knot and get the instruction for it. Then you can bend the eyelet of the lure either left or right according to which way it is drifting for more stabilty in the water.

  5. FishSteelhead Post author

    If she’s trackin’ to the left, bend the eye slighlty to the right ~ if she goes to the right then ya’ know what way to adjust it 😉 ;)… < ' ( (( > < Note: Might want to go with just a knot ie., no leader and swivel ~ think the Palomar and or Improved Clinch Knots would be your best ticket. Also remove old hooks and replace with new one's... Palomar:

    Improved Clinch:

    Other useful fishin’ knots:

    When ya’ speak of a steel leader and swivel I’m assumin’ your referrin’ to a snap type swivel? If that’s the case, a snap swivel hinders the true action of the lure/plug itself (that be the reason for suggestin’ just a knot)…

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