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how to keep my rapala lure in a straight line?

i found a rapala lure while on holiday ( the jointed type), it’s got a bit of rust on the trebles but the rest of the lure is in pretty good shape. so i rigged it up with some steel leader and a swivel and tested it in my pool but it seems to want to pull towards the left while i am reeling it in! this could cause a problem while i fish because i was going to troll it on my fishing kayak with other lures in the water and it will probably tangle with the other lures. is this normal for it to go to the left, can i stop it doing this?

What is an ideal length of anchor line for Tampa Bay?

I have been practically washed out to the Gulf of Mexico too many times in my sea kayak and want to add an anchor. Whats a good length versus average depth for my fishing kayak?

can i use any kayak in the surf to drop my fishing line?

I dont know much about the whole kayak thing… can i use any kayak? are there certain types just for waves? is it better when its smaller or bigger? any help would be nice… thanks