I am looking for a kayak?

I have never kayaked before and need some advice as far as what type of kayak to purchase.

I will only be using it on calm lakes and rivers for potentially half day trips. Uses will be pretty much just for enjoyment (wildlife) however I may want to do just a bit of fishing with it.

Any suggestions?

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  1. musicdancerecords Post author

    My friend has the “Flat type”. He goes to rivers and lakes often. Go to a sports store, talk to someone there and ask advice. You can get good ones at second hand shops, garage sales or on eBay if you do not wish to buy brand new.

  2. Der Brewmeister Post author

    There are two main options, Sit In, or Sit on top.

    Either are fine, sit in you get less wet, sit on top more wet.

    Size and weight is important, as you will likely need to pick it up and put it on your vehicle. The new ones are very light!

    Go to a kayak store, they will be able to fit one for you.

    They are easy to use, I never kayaked before and was off paddling in seconds.
    I live in florida so I dont care about getting wet or rolling over, which I never did. I fish from mine all the time, even had a 25lb Jack Crevale pull me around the bay for a while, until I was able to get him reeled in and off the hook. (Nantucket Sleigh Ride 🙂

  3. signman_03743 Post author

    You need to get a ‘recreational’ kayak for still water and open rivers. For fishing you want a fairly stable ‘yak.
    Go to the website for Oldtown Canoes and Kayaks and check out the recreational line-the Dirigo and similar styles.
    You have to figure out your weight PLUS gear…add 25# to your weight and that’s the range you need for capacity. If you are ‘top heavy’…I’m 6’1″ but 235# and only 30″ inseam…so most of my weight is above my waist line-makes me topheavy, understand? Then you have to get a wider kayak in your weight range. Rest of my family all have a brand called Walden (now out of business) and they love them-but I tip over too easy so I have a Pamlico but I’m getting a new one this year-I need a better seat and sealed compartment they don’t. So the Dirigo line is close to what I want. Do NOT get a Sit On Top…this is a joke. The higher up you are, the faster you tip over. You need to be down IN the kayak to be stable and move around fast.
    Do a search for Canoe sales and rentals in your area, every shop that sells canoes sells kayaks and you can go and SIT in one and see if it is comfortable.
    If you have a choice of places to go-find one that is ON or NEAR a river or lake-NOT in a mall. The closer they are to water the better chance that the salesperson actually USES one and wasn’t selling fries last week.
    Some places (all that I have been to) will also have beginning of season sales of last years models and rentals, and they may have a ‘try it and buy it’ weekend-you can pay $25 or $20 to go with them to the nearest water, get in several different kayaks with a guide, and actually try them out-then get a wicked good discount if you buy one.

  4. livingthe30s Post author

    One that you can carry yourself. Sit on top (not sit-inside). One that the front part will “cut” the water easily and not “put the water under the kayak”, that will help you to have a better efficiency paddling and will be easier to make it go straight. If the front part is too rounded, it will be heavier and with less direction, you have to not only move forward, but make efforts to make it go straight. Same thing applies for the tail of the kayak, choose one that is not rounded, I think the one that will work better is the one that ends “long” in order to avoid moving the back part too much and let the energy concentrate on moving forward only. Then choose how much room you need in the kayak in case you go fishing.

    The basics are sit on top, one that you carry yourself. Make sure is wide to give you enough stability, ask for which one is more stable in order for you to compare.

    Once in the water, flip intentionaly and get some practice on going back to the kayak a couple of times, you will flip eventually and is going to be unexpected, always wear a flotation device, because you will flip and will happen when you were not expecting, so consider yourself already in the water, in that situation, and with noone to help you, far from your partner and solve everything by yourself before you start enjoying it.

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