I live in upstate south carolina and i was looking to get a kayak. ?

i have never owned a kayak, and plan to use it mostly for lake fishing. i was looking for the cheapest place, but i am 6’4″ 245lbs so that does kind of limit my choices.

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  1. im so awsome Post author

    Kayak may not be the best way to go i have a plastic 12 foot Pelican boat and it is great you can even put up to a 7hp gas engine i have a 50lb thrust Minn Kota and it scoots around just fine you can find the boat at Academy for less than lots of kayaks at Bass Pro all the kayaks are over $800 where this boat is only $730 and it seats 2 people! Good Luck fishing!

  2. Greg S Post author

    I would first find your local kayak dealers in the area and find out when they’re demo days are. Ask them which are suited for your weight. Ride as many as you can. You will know which ones you are comforable with.

    The Pelican Castaway is good and you could probably get by with it. It is reasonably priced at $399 w/ paddle and pretty much ready to fish. Problem is you can’t take one out for a test drive from Academy. I would try both 12′ and 14′ models of other brands though. You may feel a bit tight in a 12′. At your weight I would at least look at the models for an extra $400-600. You may find they are better suited for your #. I have a Pelican and a Native Manta Ray. Pelican is much lighter and cheaper made than the big brands. Native, Ocean, Hobie, Heritage, etc all make sit-on-tops for large build folks. The quality in these are much better, are more heavy duty and I’d venture to say you’ll ultimately feel more safe in the better quality kayak. The downside is they’re all going to be heavier and more expensive.

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