Is it dangerous to fish on a kayak?

I am not going that far but at least i expect some big and strong fish. can the fish pull the kayak or tip it over, or is it ok. i can swim.

3 thoughts on “Is it dangerous to fish on a kayak?

  1. askingallofyou Post author

    You can of course use an anchor, but you don’t want to be fishing for Marlin. If you’re not fishing for fish that are going to pull too much you’ll be fine.

  2. trunorth Post author

    It is safe………… away.

    Once you get used to the boat stability will be no problem.

  3. NYG Post author

    Here in Texas and in many other states there are lots of fisherman who fish from kayaks and many who fish for big sharks bull sharks, black tip sharks some up to 8′. I fish mainly for Bass, but I too fish for Reds and Trout. Do a search there are many fishing websites

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