is kayak fishing safe??

i fish where there is a lot of current(california aqueduct) is it ok to kayak fish there on a sit on top or sit inside which is more stable and are the hobie peddal dive kayaks sit on top or sit inside

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  1. fish man+ Post author

    Very bad Idea. First of all, Its illegal in the first place to do it. Second, there is tons of current that would very likely sweep you down stream and possibly flip you over, even if it looks calm. There are also lots of debris in the water that could cause problems. Third, why would you want to do it in the first place, since you can cast across the width of it and using a kayak would give you no advantage over shore fishing it.

    Hope this help!!

    Edit: I will add that fishing else where other than the aqueduct in a kayak should be pretty safe, especially lakes.

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