Is Kayak fishing worth trying out?

Hello, I have fished for a long time and kayak fishing is starting to look pretty cool. I was just wondering if you guys could just give me the pros and cons of Kayak fishing in your opinion. And could ya’ll maybe link me to some cheap beginner Kayaks? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Is Kayak fishing worth trying out?

  1. Ole Fisherman Post author

    Kayak fishing is VERY fun AND productive.

    I can’t really think of any “cons” other than the obvious- You “could” flip over, you can’t stand up in a typical Kayak, there are no live-wells to keep your catch fresh, Etc.

    You can buy a new kayak, but I suggest you look on Craigslist for a used one. Look for a sit-on-top style like this- And make sure you check the weight allowance… don’t want to overload your ‘Yak…

    The “best” Kayak for fishing is the Hobie; but they are extraordinarily expensive- If you could find a used one cheap- jump on it!

    Hope this helps ya?

  2. Rusty Nail Post author

    Check out (Folbot). I have a 14 foot two person kayak that I built from a kit over 40 years ago. Still in perfect condition. The main thing with a kayak is that the center of gravity is below the surface of the water making it very stable.

  3. The Wolf Post author

    I kayak fish all the time, I have a tandem Pelican and take it out with my wife and alone often. We’ve fished lakes, slow rivers, and in saltwater a great deal and it’s a great time, the only problems I have had is with storing gear as my particular model has little storage space, I have bought attachable rod holders that have helped with this issue, but I don’t have enough space for fish storage so if your looking for a boat and plan on fishing for keeps make sure you have space.

    The worst experience I have had is when my wife hooked a shark, it was nightmarish and almost tipped out boat, i ended up cutting the line and it turned out okay. As far as fish in lakes and rivers it’s ideal because you can maneuver into spaces bigger boats can’t and you can put your bait exactly where you want it. You can fish out of most any kayak, but I would recommend getting one of the Hobie or Pelican fishing kayaks as they are designed to accommodate for the gear you need fishing.

    Good luck and have a good time on the water.

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