Just got a new Kayak for fishing! Happy Happy Happy!?

Although, currently I own a 16 FT Lund and an old Ranger, The Boss (my Wife) , let me get yet another fishing vehichle! I got an Old Town “Guide” 2 Kayak for stream fishing! The streams are kinda “washed out & high” right now, but, soon I will be hitting some cool “new” waters I couldn’t get to because there were NO ramps. Anyway, just figured you guys would understand. (lol)

4 thoughts on “Just got a new Kayak for fishing! Happy Happy Happy!?

  1. M00nd0ct0r Post author

    Cool, I just got a Kayak myself this past Saturday.
    Good luck fishing.


  2. gimmenamenow Post author

    Oh, I understand, I’ve been stealing my aunt’s kayak from time to time for a while, and I’m finally getting one of my own in the next week or two (still need to figure out exactly what I want….AAARRRGGHH!!!), but yeah, it’s a wonderful thing not having to rely on boat ramps and such like that… “Oh, look! There’s room to pull over here and I can walk down to the water’s edge!”

    Have fun!

    Oh, yeah, one of the things I meant to say…

    Joy! Joy! Joy!

    (thanks for the ren and stimpy refrence, I’m sure it will come in handy today.)

  3. john_climbs Post author

    My boat is an old town penobscot 17ft whitewater boat. It’s great for fishing! Removable rodholders complete the trolling setup, and fish love the irregular speed of a man-powered boat. I find that paddling solo into the wind on a choppy day with a jig and minnow is great for walleye. I even have a “pink lady” diver with a heavy action rod that works just like a downrigger for deep water trolling.


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