Pelican Potomac 110ES Kayak Fishing

In this article I am going to review the Pelican Potomac Kayak.  There are many of you looking for a cheaper kayak to get out on the water.  I am with you.  I don’t want to spend $1200 on something I am going to cut up, modify, then sell later.  Start with a $200 kayak, and modify it to your needs.  That’s for another post however.  To the review.

When I first saw this kayak at Dicks, I knew that I had to have it.  I asked them to bring it down, and checked out the price.  A whopping $199.99!  Woah.  I also had a 20% discount coming from spending so much money here, so I walked out the door with kayak and paddle in hand, for $224.17.

On the first test out, I was pretty uncomfortable.  The hard plastic seat, and rough plastic edges made for a very uncomfortable ride the first 2 hours.  I will show you how to fix this in another post though, for cheap.  The back rest is comfortable, and didn’t need too much adjusting.  The pedals are also in a comfortable position.  So for comfort, I give this thing a 5 out of the box.

On the ride, paddling was a workout.  You are required to use a light touch with your paddle on this kayak.  If you don’t, you will spend most of your time making correcting strokes.  This is expected from a 10′ kayak though.  If you want straight tracking, stay tuned, we will be installing a rudder in this kayak.  As long as you stick with a light touch, you can get going at a decent clip.  Not bad for a 10′ recreational kayak.

The storage is non existant on this kayak.  It came with a bungee on front of the kayak that will allow your paddle to fall in the water if given the chance.  It also has a storage bin on the back of the boat, with some bungees to hold it on.  This is not waterproof, and the hatch is barely secured.  I would not recommend using it.  You are also unable to get in behind the seat to store things.  Getting into the front of the boat was a task, having to clim halfway in.  Don’t worry though, we will fix all of these things for cheap!

The potential of this fishing kayak is amazing.  I have so many plans for it in mind.  All in all, this is an exellent kayak fishing platform.  With a few cheap modifications, you can make this thing as comfortable, stable, and functional as the $1000 kayaks you drool over all the time!  How about making their owners drool over your $200 kayak?  I’ll teach you how!

As stated, the Pelican Potomac 110es is an exellent kayak, with amazing potential!

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