Kayaking African American Blacks?

I was so pumped up when my new Wilderness Ride fishing kayak arrived. However most of my fishing buddies (black) thought I was crazy to get in something like that. Seems that every time I want to try something new (hiking, mt. climbing, scuba,…) my friends say black people don’t do that. I would say they are lying but you hardly see any other blacks in the outfitter. What gives? Why can’t we blacks enjoy all the world has to offer too?

8 thoughts on “Kayaking African American Blacks?

  1. senior 2009 babi Post author

    your friends have ignorant thinking. im black and ive kayaked, scuba dived, hiked and rock climbed. race has nothing to do with it. if you enjoy it do it and dont listen to your friends. if they dont accept what you like get new ones who do.

  2. I'm tellin Post author

    you can enjoy whatever you choose

    .. or be led around by ignorant fools !

  3. Ron Brgundy Post author

    I dunno people get stuck on what they think they are supposed to do and have an identity crisis. I think it happens to every culture. Try to get them to go next time you do something awesome and they will see how fun it is.

  4. Ice 'em Post author

    I’ve realized that too! Now, that doesn’t mean I have never seen any blacks doing kayaking, mountain climbing, bungee jumping etc. but it is rare!

  5. ver_jen Post author

    I think your friends are racist- yes I know they are black but they can still be racist against themselves. Black people can enjoy all the world has to offer and they need to stop holding each other back. I have seen it way too often where they make someone feel bad because they step out of a certain set of idea’s that black people have about themselves!

    Amazingly the black community is one of the hardest to be gay in. They are very against homosexuals for the most part and the odd thing is, Black people were discriminated against because of the Bible at one point in time… and now they are doing the same thing to gay people. Black people and white people need to stop generalizing as to what a certain color should and should not do and just enjoy life. If THEY don’t want to participate and they want to keep themselves held back from enjoying all of life… that’s up to them… but they should shut up and sit down when it comes to the rest of the people on the planet.

  6. Kinkylibra32 Post author

    yeah iam black american too and i know where youre coming from! its a shame that some black people are so messed up to think that certain activities are only exercised in a particular race. im one like you who loves to think outside of the box. i wouldnt worry about such boring people as the ones telling you this craziness let them stay boring!

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