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choosing a kayak ;?

which kayak would be better

malibu stealth 14

wilderness tarpon 160 Angler
i will trolling, fly fishing, and casting in the chesapeake bay, back bays on the alantic ocean and freshwater fishing
also what are the pros/cons of each yak

Kayaking African American Blacks?

I was so pumped up when my new Wilderness Ride fishing kayak arrived. However most of my fishing buddies (black) thought I was crazy to get in something like that. Seems that every time I want to try something new (hiking, mt. climbing, scuba,…) my friends say black people don’t do that. I would say they are lying but you hardly see any other blacks in the outfitter. What gives? Why can’t we blacks enjoy all the world has to offer too?

How can I mount a Lowrance X-65 onto my Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 kayak?

I have just recently gotten a Lowrance X-65 fish finder from a friend. I would like to mount it and use it on my kayak. I need a transducer as well as a power cable. How should I approach this problem? Do I have to drill a hole through my kayak for a transducer?