Modify a Mainstream Jazz Kayak for fishing?

How could you modify a Mainstream Jazz Kayak for fishing? Nothing crazy like a fish finder, motor, etc. Just one rod holder, bait holder, anchor, things necessary. Please explain how and where you’d attach everything, or put up a good link to explain it.

One thought on “Modify a Mainstream Jazz Kayak for fishing?

  1. Don M Post author

    Before you attach anything, paddle the boat a bit. While you are paddling it, watch your full paddle strokes, and start thinking about the placement of a rod holder. If you intend to troll, you must place the rod holder so that it doesn’t interfere with your paddle strokes, even when you have a fishing rod sticking out to one side or the other. You must also be able to reach the rod while paddling – you need to figure this out for yourself.

    There appears to be a spot just in front of your drink holder that would work for a surface mount rod holder. I like Ram Mounts – they are a very good design with infinite adjustment settings. A small bait bucket could go in the space behind your seat. A fold-up kayak anchor could go in the drink holder just in front of the small hatch.

    I hope you’re not planning on paddling any great distances in this kayak. At only 9′ 6″, this is really meant as a play boat. This kayak will turn with every paddle stroke… not very conducive to trolling, and difficult to control if you hook something really big..

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