Need help buying a fishing kayak?

I want to get the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 for fishing but i want to know if there is a big difference between that and the tarpon 120 angler. Its 400 more dollars and is it really worth it? I already have a scotty pole holder and an anchor

2 thoughts on “Need help buying a fishing kayak?

  1. lady liyah Post author

    you can try but thts only if you want to order off the internet. they give you free shipping for orders over 39 $ lol.

  2. Mr America Post author

    the differences that I see. the Angler has 2 rod slots behind the seat to hold your rods while you paddle and a rod holder on the side for trolling striper or whatever and weighs 10lbs more than the standard and comes with an anchor, the option for a rudder and a LIFETIME warranty..

    they are both made of polyethylene.
    I can’t find any info for the MFG warranty on the base 120..

    IMO if you have the extra $400 to burn it will be worth it because your rods will travel easier, the anchor is already there and the rudder will be a nice upgrade later. however I think these things (except the rudder) could be added to the base for under $150 if you didn’t have them already.

    Get the Base, just make sure mounting your rod holders won’t exempt you from that nice factory warranty.

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