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Buying a Kayak or Boat help?

Looking to scuba dive and fish from a kayak or boat in Michigan small and large lakes if I get a kayak I’ll put a motor on it but with a boat I would get there fast what should I get pros and cons any info wold help me out. I could buy a new kayak cobra fish n dive or a used boat 1979 bayliner haul is perfect and motor runs help which would I get more out of.

What should i know when buying a Kayak?

Needs some help in purchasing my 1st kayak… New or 2nd hand, it would be used for three season easy lake waters, possible river use when i get some experience, and maybe some room for small fishing gear too I’m about 6’2 and 240 lbs..What would you recommend is easy to carry and use for a first time investment..

I am interested in buying a kayak, but I am not sure what kind will be the best for me, got any ideas?

I live by the ocean and bays in New Jersey. I would like to fish off of the kayak, as well as ride waves if I want. I would also like to take a trip down the Delaware River and face the small whitewater. I am not sure what the best kayak would be seeing that I would like to do all these things. Any suggestions?