Need help choosing a KAYAK?

I want to buy a kayak but… don’t know anything about them. I need fast, seat on top, if possible for this price with leg pedals fishing kayak. The most important thing is that it HAS to be as stable as possible couse I’m afraid of deep water a little bit so I want to be sure I won’t flip over. I’m not sure how long it should be but since I’m 6,4 it should be long enough for me 😉

Oh and it should be under $600-700 including shipping fees. Where can I get boat like this online or in an NYC area?

Thanks for help!

3 thoughts on “Need help choosing a KAYAK?

  1. Tims Post author

    You mean you don’t have the skills to build one?! My me, that is concerning.

  2. Enna Post author

    Kayaks are very amazing. There are a lot of kinds of kayaks, you can go with the tandem kayak or the old town kayak that will surely give you comfort while kayaking.

    If you are considering a budget you can have second hand kayaks. They are still in good shape.

    For more information you can visit my source below. Thanks. I hope this helps.

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