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Need help choosing a KAYAK?

I want to buy a kayak but… don’t know anything about them. I need fast, seat on top, if possible for this price with leg pedals fishing kayak. The most important thing is that it HAS to be as stable as possible couse I’m afraid of deep water a little bit so I want to be sure I won’t flip over. I’m not sure how long it should be but since I’m 6,4 it should be long enough for me 😉

Oh and it should be under $600-700 including shipping fees. Where can I get boat like this online or in an NYC area?

Thanks for help!

Fishing from a Sit on top Kayak?

I am 4 foot 11 inches and 90 lbs. I need a kayak to go fishing, that is easily portable. I would use it for touring and fishing and would store it in the back of my moms car. please help me by answering the following questions.

1.) How good are sit on top kayaks for fishing/touring?
2.) What is bad about sit on top kayaks?
3.) If i was planning on using a sit on top kayak for fishing and a little bit of touring, on a scale from 1-10 how good do you believe “The Dragonfly Wave Junior Kayak” from walmart.com would be for me?

What are some must-haves for kayak fishing?

I just got a SOT kayak this weekend and I am wondering what I all I need to equip it for some fishing. I do a little bit of fresh and salt water fishing.