personal pontoon vs kayak?

I am looking at buying a personal watercraft for fishing this upcoming next year, and I see two options: the first is that I buy a kayak, which I am very sketical about, as I heard they flip easy, and people have drowned in them before around my area, so my parents are shooting that idea down as well. There is also the possibility of a SOT kayak, which I heard is more stable and would likely fit my 6 foot 4 inch frame more. Bottom Line is i dont want to flip, as I may be fishing in water during winter months and I dont want to die lol or lose my gear. The second option I have been contemplating, is something called a White River Paddlefish Pontoon Boat, which looks to be VERY stable and should not flip at all. It is even said to be corrosion resistant, which is good because I will be using it down in Rudee Inlet at Virginia Beach… Does anyone know how well it would fare in salt water, or if it is prone to flipping or tipping?? or should i just settle with a SOT kayak? Please help!!

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  1. P-Nut Post author

    In my experience i prefer the kayak. i think that it is just a safe as the pontoon if you know what you are doing, plus it is much easier to control. I love using mine to go out into the ocean.

  2. no g3in Post author

    I would go with the Kayak but you could stand and fish on a pontoon. You can take a kayak almost anywhere where you would have to tote a pontoon behind a truck.

  3. facebook Post author

    I prefer kayak because it is easy to go any where and also to easy control .
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  4. GuitarGeorge Post author

    I think this may be a good option for you–>

    It’s a pontoon and a kayak.

    A regular SOT kayak is actually MORE prone to flipping than a sit-in, due to your higher center of gravity. However, if you don’t know how to roll a kayak, it’s easier to recover from a spill with a SOT. Having said that, most kayak manufacturers are now designing some wide, very stable SOTs specifically for fishermen. If you’re fishing saltwater, and need to paddle for some distances, keep in mind that the longer the kayak, the faster it goes.

    To help allay your parents’ concerns, and also from a personal safety standpoint, you should get with an experienced kayaker, and practice flipping your boat and recovering from it. Do this many times. Once you’ve become accustomed to flipping and recovering, if it happens when you’re fishing, you’ll react in a controlled manner, instead of in a panic.

    There are places around that you can take lessons on kayak safety, how to roll, etc. Just ask around anywhere you see kayakers. We’re a friendly bunch, and always wiling to help a newcomer.

  5. Ecky Thump Post author

    If you learn how to kayak you’ll be perfectly safe but if you’re worried about tipping maybe the pontoon is your best choice.

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