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personal pontoon vs kayak?

I am looking at buying a personal watercraft for fishing this upcoming next year, and I see two options: the first is that I buy a kayak, which I am very sketical about, as I heard they flip easy, and people have drowned in them before around my area, so my parents are shooting that idea down as well. There is also the possibility of a SOT kayak, which I heard is more stable and would likely fit my 6 foot 4 inch frame more. Bottom Line is i dont want to flip, as I may be fishing in water during winter months and I dont want to die lol or lose my gear. The second option I have been contemplating, is something called a White River Paddlefish Pontoon Boat, which looks to be VERY stable and should not flip at all. It is even said to be corrosion resistant, which is good because I will be using it down in Rudee Inlet at Virginia Beach… Does anyone know how well it would fare in salt water, or if it is prone to flipping or tipping?? or should i just settle with a SOT kayak? Please help!!

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