Pontoon or kayak for fly fishing. 10pts guaranteed?

I am looking to buy a pontoon or kayak for fly fishing. I am not certain that a kayak will have the comfort for a full day of fishing like a pontoon. I absolutely love float tubes as they are very relaxing and I can enjoy the fishing experience all day.

Which type of fishing do you prefer, pontoon for kayak and why? Thanks in advance.

6 thoughts on “Pontoon or kayak for fly fishing. 10pts guaranteed?

  1. W Post author

    I have a sit on top Kayak that I fly fish out of. It has peddles and paddle. It is a Hobie designed for fishing with rod holders that do not fit a fly rod but the rest of the set up is ideal. fly box can fit between your legs. A small anchor that came with it is great for sitting on a single spot. The biggest problem with yaks and pontoons is storage and hauling them. tubes deflate and take very little space. I use my pick up to carry the yak and all my gear. a pontoon would require the same and storage. at least a yak allows you to hang it from the ceiling fairly easily and they are very rugged. If you have any mobility concerns getting in and out of the yak can be a little more difficult. Check out a sit on top about a 12-14′ range with 30-38″ wide. Stable, sturdy and can add as many accessories as desired.

  2. mike Post author

    go for the pontoon boat.
    i have one with a rowing deck and i have rowed up stream through some pretty fast water. there is room to stretch out and they are easy to get on and off. they only take a couple inches of water to float are great for going downstream through fast water.i use mine on streams and still waters and i love it. when you are sitting up high you get a better idea of what is coming up and what is around you. it also give you a better angle to cast. i fly-fish and i have no problems laying out my line.
    have fun

  3. AIRFLOW Post author

    Pontoon-simply since i can stand and cast if i feel the need, without it tipping over!

  4. Bass Fishin' B I T C H Post author

    I prefer my float tube over my own damn boat, but my home lake doesn’t allow the tubes anymore.

    Kayak or a pontoon? By a pontoon do you mean like a Water Skeeter or something like that?

  5. FishSteelhead Post author

    Have to agree with ya’ on them float tubes;). The FT’s now days are somethin’ else what with the innovation of flippers for maneuverability and enough pockets that one could store just bout’ anything in em’ (within’ reason). Our FT’s were nothin’ but a’ zippered canvas wrap with an automobile inner-tube inside and hinged plastic flaps buckled to ankles of our chest waders ta’ get us around;)…
    Sorry for gettin’ a bit nostalgic with the FT but, it just brought back some real good times/memories. Now for your comparison question ~ my opinion, pontoon over the kyak ie., more stability, not so much just for lakes or ponds but, RIVERS as well. Plus what AIRFLOW pointed out ~, one can stand up on them. By the way have done both Kayak and pontoon (friend of mine had one). So, to reiterate ~ pontoon <);)....... Note: Might point out, dependin' on the material that is used on the pontoon, them hooks can be somewhat trecherous especially whippin' a' flyrod rig...

  6. BOBBER Post author

    A kayak will be better for fly fishing,as there is not so much to get tangled on. But a pontoon is more comfortable. I would get both. And carry the kayak on the pontoon for fishing those hard to get a spots.

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