Sit on top vs Sit in kayak?

I want a kayak for the lake, and trips down the river for fishing. I want it to be stable but good tracking. whats better?

4 thoughts on “Sit on top vs Sit in kayak?

  1. g_steed Post author

    Excuse me! Please consider a canoe. Kayaks are movement limiting. Sit-on-tops invite wetting. Perhaps you should consider some lessons. They will give you chances to try different boats. Talk with other boaters and learn from their experiences.

  2. Laura D Post author

    Sit on tops seem to be what people like for fishing, but in one of the rivers I go to I can’t get wet, so I have a sit in. It does the trick, but it doesn’t go that straight. I never flip though.I don’t know which would track better, I don’t think short ones track well. If you want the best fishing kayak it’s a Jackson Coosa they are amazing, but pretty expensive. This thing is unbelievably stable! The guy even stands up on it.
    Don’t get the specific model for fishing if you get a sit in though because they add about $100 and all they do is put in a rod holder. Just go with the regular model, and put it in yourself.

  3. Robin Post author

    I have a sit on and to be honest… I hate it… My husband tried to talk me out of getting a sit on but I just didn’t listen. I’m sure sit on would be ok on a lake and I do flip quite a bit on my sit on but it doesnt get water in it and all I have to do is flip it back over and hop back on. I do want a sit in though because i just feel more safe and we use ours for the river.. I guess it just depends on what you plan on doing more

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