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Are there any good kayak fishing clubs that can show a beginner the ropes in California?

My husband and I love to Kayak but he now has his kayak set up for fishing and I am not coordinated enough to fish and kayak. He is trying to find people to go out ocean fishing with that know what they are doing. Are there any such clubs or organizations?


War on Fish kayak fishing show, episode 3. Features a duel with a sizable black tip shark, landed on the kayak. Also a brief segment on dealing with rough seas and breaking waves, as well as a quick review on a suitable kayak fishing safety kit and custom made tackle box.

WHAT’S HOT at ICast – Part 2

Jim Sammons, host of The Kayak Fishing Show, takes you on whirlwind tour of ICAST 2010 in Las Vegas, and shows you what’s hot for the coming year. Mustad hooks, Oliso vacuum sealer, Humminbird fishfinder. Sponsored by Kayak Fishing Supplies www.kayakfishingsupplies.com , your kayak fishing outfitter! … (more info) (less info)