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Perception Kayaks For Fishing?

While Perception kayaks aren’t typically known for kayak fishing, and they actually don’t even supply any rigging necessary for a great day on the water, through the manufacturer, the fact still remains that you can easily modify these fine boats, for an excellent time, as long as you have the patience, and the ingenuity. We recently did a review on 3 of the best kayak fishing models, that can easily have accessories attached, and be applied to practically any type of fishing that you are going to be doing.

From pond fishing, and slow moving creeks, or small lakes, to saltwater marshes, and even deep sea, offshore saltwater fishing, there is a Perception kayak model available for all types of kayak fishing enthusiasts. Finding these types of kayaks for sale can often be a tough time though, especially if you are determined to find one already rigged, and trying to save money. These criteria present quite a few obstacles, that many anglers are going to find out, is just not available. You can either find a used Perception kayak for sale, that doesn’t have any rigging, or you can find a brand new Perception model, that is fully rigged for kayak fishing.

The length, and width of these boats make them incredibly maneuverable, while still allowing for ample storage space. They are also constructed of heavy duty composite plastics, and even carbon fiber, or kevlar, to increase their durability even further. Cheaper model kayaks will begin fading, and losing their color over time, while the durable plastic that Perception uses for will continue glistening for years to come, even from harsh saltwater and the bright sun abusing it day in, and day out. If you had been on the fence about whether or not to consider Perception kayaks for your fishing purposes, then you may want to think about them again, because they really do the job, well.

Kayak Fishing

When it comes to kayak fishing, there are quite a few benefits, but when most people ask me to name just three, I have to say, that by far, stealth is on top of the list. After the stealth of the kayak has been considered, the next two things that come to mind are the cost of fishing from a kayak, as well as the camaraderie that the kayak fishing community offers. Kayak anglers are a tight knit bunch of people, but you can rest assured, that once you have been accepted in, you are going to be making life long friendships.

The stealth of a fishing kayak is amazing. Until you have been out on the water, and had fish rolling right next to the bow of your boat, or having dolphins swimming next to you, you really don’t understand how quiet these boats are. You are truly able to paddle over the top of schooling fish, and begin ripping lips, without ever disturbing a soul. When it comes to chasing fish that love shallow water, kayaks will get you back into places, stealthily, where big boats just cannot make it. This is by far one of the greatest reasons to get into kayak fishing.

The cost of fishing on a kayak is also another huge benefit. Large stinkpots cost upwards of $30,000 for the conveniently equipped, shallow running boats, whereas, a fishing kayak, that is pedal powered, or even trolling motor powered will run you around $2,000. There are even boats being built that allow you to stand and fish, such as Native Watercraft, and the classic Gheenoe. While the Gheenoe isn’t considered much of a kayak, kayak anglers rave about the boat when they are looking for an alternative to their fishing kayaks. If you had been on the fence, consider these few benefits, and then decide whether or not you think kayak fishing is right for you.

Fishing Kayaks

When you are thinking about fishing kayaks as your vessel of choice on the water, you are going to have to keep a few things in mind, about exactly what you require from the boat, to ensure that you are going to be both happy with the purchase, and look forward to using the fishing kayak on a regular basis. As long as you take these two things into consideration before you make the purchase, you won’t ever realize the problems that most anglers have, by getting over excited and jumping into the first boat that they come across.

First, make sure that you have the necessary rigging in line, on the boat before you buy it, or that you have the budget required to rig the boat with the necessary kayak accessories, once you have made the purchase. Having an ill rigged fishing kayak can mean the difference between you dreading your time on the water, or enjoying every minute of it. Most anglers consider leashes, a crate, a seat, rod holders, and an area for your coolers as required accessories, so you should begin looking for boats that already have these installed, to save yourself some money.

Next, you will want to think about your size, and the comfort of the kayak. By having adequate storage hatches, or the necessary flat space required to properly stow your gear, you will be able to move around much easier. Thinking about the size of your prospective kayak, compared to how well you are going to fit in it, and be able to move about, will save you a lot of frustration on the water. It will also make your job of rigging the boat much easier, if the fishing kayak you purchase doesn’t already have the required accessories.