Wade and Kayak Fishing the Coastal Bend of Texas

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This book covers every possible legal place a person could drive up to and wade fish or launch a kayak in the Coastal Bend of Texas. It covers San Antonio Bay, Aransas Bay, Red Fish Bay, Corpus Christi Bay, and Upper Laguna Madre.

Wade and Kayak Fishing the Coastal Bend of Texas

2 thoughts on “Wade and Kayak Fishing the Coastal Bend of Texas

  1. Wiley

    Ray Crawford does an excellent job of explaining locations to put in, the value in fishing a particular area, tidal conditions when fishing is optimal (when known), and potential problems. I have several other books on fishing the Texas coast, and this is the best for the coastal bend area. When Crawford’s recommendations are based on evaluations by others rather than his personal experience, he explains that. I used this book along with my other references on a recent fishing trip to Copano Bay, and Lighthouse Lakes, and it was extremely useful in selecting fishing locations under the existing conditions.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. James M. Van Etta

    I have all of Ray’s books and keep a copy of each under the back seat of my truck. With wade fishing and kayak fishing, wind direction can make or break a trip. Ray’s books show hundreds of places to fish, to park, to launch a kayak. The books provide many maps to show these places. If the wind changes direction, it is a simple matter to grab the book and relocate.

    I have fished the Texas coast for over 50 years and his books show many places I didn’t even know existed. With fuel costs what they are, his books pay for themselves because of the maps and commentary on fishing areas.

    Rating: 5 / 5

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