What are the best place to access rivers for steelhead/salmon fishing in SW Mich.?

Can the rivers be waded or fished from a Kayak?


3 thoughts on “What are the best place to access rivers for steelhead/salmon fishing in SW Mich.?

  1. Dr. Phil of sh!t Post author

    They can be taken below the Allegan dam just outside of Allegan you can fish the stairs on the dam itself (combat fishing) or wade the river from the other side both are fine steelhead spots.
    Wax worms on a bobber just off the bottom drifted work well.
    There are plenty of downed trees to provide them cover work the cover and current breaks.
    If you need more info email me i will be out of town for the next week but I will be fishing when i get back and i can help you out.
    As for the Kayak yes you can the launch below the dam is free and you can drift fish for a bout 5 mile to the M89 bridge launch also free near Pulman MI. If you don’t have a person to drive your vehicle to pulman Email me if I am around i can pick you up in pulman with my boat haul you up to the dam and you can then drift back to your car.

  2. Russ Gabel Post author

    Looks like you got some good info from Dr. Phil about Allegan. I’m based out of Grand Haven, and we hit the Grand River in Grand Rapids, The Muskegon River in Newago, and the White river in Hesperia. Check this website for the current DNR fishing report for SW Lower Peninsula…


    I’ve also got a website for an outdoor ministry that I base out of Grand Haven. We’ve got a regularly updated fishing report that you can check out…


    Good luck!

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