What equipment do I need to get started kayak fishing?

I am living in Northeast Florida and am trying to get started kayak fishing. I need to know, besides a kayak of course, what type of equipment is necessary and essential to get started and be successful at kayak fishing.

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  1. eoh418 Post author

    I am not an avid kayak angler, however i have been kayak fishing a couple of times. I figure since no one else is answering i could try and offer some suggestions. Obviously a kayak, but there’s certain considerations there too. A fishing kayak would be ideal, since it is already designed and equipped with rod holders and such. If you cant get one equipped for fishing i suggest an ocean kayak, because they are wider, sturdier, and don’t roll over easily.

    Life Jacket (safety first, right?)
    Signaling devices in case of emergency
    Rod holders
    Leashes for paddle and rods (i lost a rod while trolling from a canoe once)

    Snags can be difficult to retrieve from a kayak… i don’t know what it is called, but my friend gave me tool that is a spiral wire type of thing you can run down your line and it will dislodge your lure. Since i was using expensive musky lures, this tool was invaluable to me!

    I’m sure there is more to consider, but that is all i could think of at the moment… hopefully someone with more experience will come a long and add to this.

    Good luck!

  2. William Post author

    donttt doin son i was fish in a kayak went grab my fish and flippped straight outta that joker

  3. School Nurse Post author

    I am an avid kayak fishing person and as the poster above said, get a kayak equipt with rod holders for fishing. You will also need an anchor. If fresh water fishing, I suggest a mushroom type anchor and if saltwater fishing, get a bruce claw anchor. In addition to your rod and reel, you’ll need a kayak paddle, a stringer, a bait bucket (if using live bait) and a net. I also use a paddle leash and rod floats, not leashes. Rod leashes are in the way. Not essencial but I strap a crate in the back well of my kayak to put my tackle and other stuff in. I also used PVC to make extra rod holders on the crate. This is used to secure my net and bruce claw anchor. The milk type crate just keeps my stuff drier than just sitting in water.
    You are required to have a fishing license, a life jacket, and a signaling device, such as a whistle or air horn. If you ever fish when the sun is not up either in the morning or at night, you will need a 360 degree light.

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