what is the best bait for fishing in mission bay?

im goin down to san diego in april and i am goin to test out a few kayaks and was wondering what kind of bait i should use to catch calico bass and other bass in mission bay. also what other kind of fish can you fish for in mission bay. Also if you know the legal measurments that the bass have to be it would be appreciated.

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  1. bassfisherman3283 Post author

    As far as lures to fish with I would use all the basic bass fishing lures you have that you fish with where ever you live. A bass is a bass no matter where you go try spinnerbaits, crankbaits, a plastic worm or lizards always produce well. Or you could just match the hatch. As for the measurements your best bet is to contact the local fish and game personnel to make sure and to find out the different types of fish available. Especially the legal measurements that’s the last thing you want is a fine for keeping a fish that’s too small. Hope this helps. Good luck have a nice trip.

  2. Peter_AZ Post author

    Shad-tailed plastics like AAs are probably best for the bass (spotted bay bass and calicos) and they’ll work for the halibut and other decent-sized fish you might encounter.

    As far as natural bait, strips of squid or frozen anchovies will work as well, generally fishing on the bottom.

    Saltwater bass have to be 12 inches long to keep in California. However, enclosed harbors like Mission Bay accumulate pollutants, so I wouldn’t advise eating too many of the fish you get out of there. If you want to eat the fish, I’d suggest taking the kayak out off the beach and fishing the edges of the kelp beds.

  3. Artie Post author

    I have fished San Diego Bay, Mission Bay and came in second in the S D Offshore challenge. AA’s in the anchovy pattern, hot belly dorado and sardine colors. Fish traps in all the dark back, white and glitter bellies and my favorite secret weapon in Mission Bay and in Huntington Harbor (shhhhhh) the 12 inch red shad worm i think the fish think they are eels or something but a big bass magnet for sure. I match (by painting them) the leadheads colors to the baits soft bodies. Back in off the harbor in the boat moored communities under every dock piling is a spottie and about every fifth a halibut the butts have to be 22 inches to keep sandies and calicos 12″ WSB 28″ and there could be a few running the harbor that time of year. Between the launch ramp on Shelter Island all the way to the submarine base along the west shore line is eel grass clusters there are bass in them and halibut on the sand between them. right at the launch ramp is a fairly steep drop off where big things gather… I have had three legal butts there and three snap offs following near spool emptying runs……
    they like cut bait (anchovies rolling on the bottom moving with the tide). all around the bait barge is butts and junk fish but don’t eat the spotties they are unsafe for consumption. Out past the subs around all the rocks near to the tip of point loma and still in the harbor is great halibut grounds for April If the water is under 60 Degrees otherwise the butts will move out to spawn. Great success

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