what kind of fishing kayak should i get?

im a little lost about buying a kayak. i will be going bay fishing in galveston with it. and i dont know if i want a sit-on or a sit-in kayak. what are the main differences. im only looking to spend around 200 dollars but will spend 300 if nessassary. if any one could give me any sugestions it will be greatly apriciated.

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  1. Mr.LoL Post author

    google it if you’re completely lost. and sit in ones are where your legs go in and are covered by the kayak and sit on ones your legs are exposed. check walmart for the prices

  2. Andy CCHS Post author

    a good sit-in kayak will work fine for fishing, also ur not gonna find a good (and new) sit-in kayak for less than about 500, u might find a descent sit-in for 350 if your lucky. there are plenty of good, stable, durable, sit-on kayaks for your price range.

  3. School Nurse Post author

    You definitely want a sit on top. You are less encumbered and it is HOT in the summertime sitting in a sit inside kayak. I’d try to find a good used one on your budget. Try looking in the classifieds at http://www.texaskayakfisherman.com
    That’s a really good website with lots of information on how to set up your kayak for fishing and all the information you need to about kayak fishing from artificials, bait, paddles, seats…the whole deal.
    I’m not sure you can find something for less that $400 but sometimes find a really good bargain for a kayak, seat, and paddle for $400. I’ve sold several at that price. Just be patient and don’t get into too big a hurry but when you see something you want, act quickly because they go fast.

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