What state in the US has the amenities of hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking and beach altogether?

18 thoughts on “What state in the US has the amenities of hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, kayaking and beach altogether?

  1. El Duderino Post author

    Montana has all of those. Our beaches aren’t on an ocean but they are nice.

  2. Tim Post author

    New Hampshire is one, as are all other states that have ocean frontage.

  3. DragonflyGirl Post author

    California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Florida, Maine, Hawaii…

  4. conim2002 Post author

    Oregon….we have the wilderness for camping and hunting, gorgeous snow filled mountains for winter sports, and we have beautiful beaches.

    If you have never been to Oregon, you need to check it out!

  5. chris n Post author

    Michigan,the upper penninsula has all those things and there is hardly anyone up there.Ive been up near lake superior and walked miles of beach without seeing anyone,it also has millons of acres of state forest to hunt and camp on.My brother and I hunt up there every year,we rarely see other hunters or even hear any cars and we hunt an area not far from a two lane highway,for me its the closest ill ever get to being in a place like Alaska,its great you should check it out

  6. searching for friends Post author

    Michigan!!!!! Lots of shore line great hunting and fishing

  7. Eunice C Post author

    Pretty much every US state offers hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, and kayaking. Some states have more public land, fewer regulations, or better weather than others but they all have that. So you just want all that and a beach too?

    Taking all that into account, I’d say Oregon or Washington would be a good bet for the West coast. Pretty much the entire east coast (South Carolina is supposed to have very long hunting seasons and fair weather for camping). And there’s the Gulf states.

  8. William W Post author

    As I live in Washington I am a bit partial, but what other state can you go from the rain forrest to desert in one days drive, covering the ocean beach, alpine forrest, passing through the snow line along the way. Depending on what kind of hunting you want we have everything from small game (coyote, squirrel) upland bird (phesant, grouse, quail, and my favorite the chuckar) through big game (deer (white tail, mule deer and blacktail) Elk, moutain goat, big horn sheep, Black bear, Cougar. Camping all over the state depending on what kind of camping you want to do be it from a truck or RV all the way to horse packing into the back country. Lots of lakes and rivers everywhere (what else do we have to do with all this rain!!!), all of it is travelable by canoe or Kayaking (lots of Kayaking in the Orcas islands in the north Puget Sound area). The lakes and rivers hold fish from as small as blue gill through 12 foot sturgen in the Columbia River. Lots of Salmon and different times of year, Steel head are running now, and Trout catchable all over the state too. Ice fishing is going strong in eastern washington too. To cap it off we have some of the best cold water diving if your intested in taking a SCUBA course.

    Seems alot, but check out a map, It is all dooable with out driving all across the country, I can do any of this within 2 hour drive from my front door.

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