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What to expect moving to Aracaju, Brazil?

I am a recent graduate at WVU and will be moving to Aracaju for my job. I’m really excitted b/c I’ve heard nothing but great things about Brazil. I would like some useful feed back about the city and what to expect. I’m still young and looking for fun activities such as: hiking, fishing, camping, biking, kayaking, all water sports, beer, nightlife, etc. I also love to travel.

I am thinking of purchasing a kayak. Please help?

I have never kayaked before, but I thought it would be a great way to cross mild bodies of water to more remote spots for camping, fishing, and hiking. I want to know what would be the best type of kayak to buy; one I could pack stuff in with me, how inflatable compares with other types.. etc.. etc.. Again, as a beginner, I wouldn’t be doing any extreme kayaking, not yet anyway. I would use it to allow me mobility on water from one place to another with outdoor gear. Thanks for reading!

whats do you think is Better for me a canoe or a kayak?

note: I want something light portable and i can fish in i also want a to be able to travel in i like both but not too sure what i should get if you can give me a push in the right way. i am a out doors person so i might have to cary it with more gear when camping.