What type of kayak would you suggest if you want to go fishing on your own?

6 thoughts on “What type of kayak would you suggest if you want to go fishing on your own?

  1. Michael R Post author

    Not a kayak. I have kayak and is is very inconvenient to fish from. get a small boat or if you want to god down the kayak route try a canoe trust me.

  2. Tbone Post author

    Kayak fishing right now is the hottest thing in Florida. They are stealthy and convenient. I mostly use mine for dropping large baits for Shark off the beaches but I do use it a lot from November to May on Tampa Bay for Snook, Reds and the occasional Pompano. I purchased a tandom Kayak which gives me a lot of stowage for my equipment and I simply added a rod holder and small anchor. Nothing major but it works and works well. Even for 2 people with less gear. I get in the flats and wade along side it also.

    This is my Kayak and its sold at Costco. When I find the link to the manufacturer I’ll post it. I always forget the name of it.


  3. fisherman Post author

    connoes are better because of better mobility in the connoe than a kayak plus more room and is easier to get around

  4. The Wormist Post author

    l have and use a sit-on-top style made by cobra. a “fish-n-dive”. an excellent, stable fishing kayak.
    l also fish from float tubes or belly boats.
    l don’t even have a “real” boat, currently.

  5. Bryan Post author

    Kayak fishing is a lot of fun. If you are looking at kayaks, they do make some that are specifically designed for fishing (rod holders and all). Most of them are a sit-on-top style kayak. I was never a big fan of that style and there weren’t as many options for fishing kayaks when I was shopping around 7 years ago. I ended up getting a recreational kayak though which has a good sized cockpit with plenty of space for my poles and a small tackle box. I love fishing out of my kayak though. Great times. Good luck fishin

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