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Best type of small boat for fishing a river?

Hey Everyone,
I’m in the military stationed in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and have been doing a lot of pier fishing lately in the James River, but now I’d like to get out on a small boat of my own, but I’m not sure what the best time of small boat would be. A friend told me a jon boat would be a good choice. I looked up more information and liked the idea, except I don’t own a truck or something to put it on, and I’m not sure how well putting a jon boat on top of an Infiniti G35 would work. Would something inflatable be a good idea? I’m flexible on price, would preferably like to stand at times, and would like some sort of portability or something I can easily put on top of a car or something. Not interested in fishing kayaks. Any ideas or suggestions would be great, thanks!


Which type of kayak to buy?

I have researched the differences between a sit in and sit on kayak. I don’t want one of each and they both support things I want to do with them (i.e. fishing and swimming). I would like someones opinion that has used both types.

What type of kayak to get?

What’s the difference between a touring kayak and a recreational kayak?

I live on the Hillsborough River in Tampa. I’d mainly like to get a kayak for going up and down the river. There’s a riverside bar/grill I like, plus I have other friends that live on the river. But also, I’d like to be able to take the kayak into the Gulf of Mexico sometimes. Being able to fish from it would be nice, but not a priority. Any suggestions?
Jim, what are you, a hooker?