What would Minnesotans do tomorrow if this happened?

If you woke up tomorrow on Sunday and by PURE surprise…..the temperature warmed to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a blue sky and a dry day with a lake breeze….

Would you take advantage of this one day? Would you get your motor boats and kayaks out and go for a quick fish in one of the 10,000 Lakes? Suppose the trees also gained their leaves back just for the one day….

would you feel good from this? What about when Monday came and it lapsed back to 10 degrees out?

4 thoughts on “What would Minnesotans do tomorrow if this happened?

  1. Yobnoj Post author

    Heck Im from Illinois and that sounds awesome to me! Illinois has bean and corn fields as far as the eye can see, at least up north you have lakes, trees, and lots of neat nature. I hate the mid west.

  2. jamesbergen50 Post author

    Curse the Luck! Have to drive to the lake. Retrieve the ice fishing shanty. Hope the snowmobile don’t break through the thin ice. Saps up and cold tomorrow. Curses! Fast freeze will explode the trees. There go my apples for the next 5 years. Curses! The turnip patch turned to mud! Now my turnips will rot. Hard times ahead for the family! For years to come! Curse the Luck!

  3. hurndog88 Post author

    I would spend the entire day at the lake, fishing, jet skiing, tubing. I would probably have one of the worst sun burns the next day

  4. midwest girl Post author

    Hey, I’m in Wisconsin (although I spent the last 4 months in Minnesota) and I can tell you, 85 degrees would be spectacular!!

    I would definitely take advantage of that day! I would drive with all my windows down, visit my favorite place on earth, have a picnic someplace, play baseball, run barefoot through a field. Maybe do some fishing.

    It would make me feel wonderful! Winter is so dreary and even when the temperature hits 45 or 50,it seems like it’s 85. We’ll take whatever breaks we can get from the cold!

    Oh goodness. I would be a little upset about that 10 degree Monday, but I’d be thankful that the day before it was 85. 🙂

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