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What would Minnesotans do tomorrow if this happened?

If you woke up tomorrow on Sunday and by PURE surprise…..the temperature warmed to 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a blue sky and a dry day with a lake breeze….

Would you take advantage of this one day? Would you get your motor boats and kayaks out and go for a quick fish in one of the 10,000 Lakes? Suppose the trees also gained their leaves back just for the one day….

would you feel good from this? What about when Monday came and it lapsed back to 10 degrees out?

would a girl want to do this with me?

I’m a 16 year old guy and I like to go snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing hunting, almost anything outdoors and off topic I lift weights but I know some girls and if I asked one of them do u think they would do it with me? ( most of the time I go with other friends)

Who is going fishing tonight? Or this weekend?

I am going tonight for a couple of hours on the lake in the backyard (Brockway Lake) and then this weekend on the Big Muskegon river Putting in at Ulrich park in Big Rapids going to take the kayak out for a day trip down the river to Hardy Dam in Newaygo. Don’t really care what I catch as long as I’m catching something!