What’s the best fishing kayak?

Anyone know what a good fishing Kayak would be? Any experiences?

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  1. g_steed Post author

    Kayaks can be used for fishing. Actually they provide a poor platform for fishing. An open canoe is a better choice. Kayaks are closed boats and use double bladed paddles to move them. Much fishing is done from a standing position. Try standing in a kayak.

  2. jolynnferguson Post author



    The first link is just an all around good site, the second is one that I have fished from. Fishing from a kayak can be loads of fun, especially whenn you hook into a big fish. There is nothing like the thrill of being pulled along in the surf by a 30lb + fish. They do take some getting used to, but you can silently get to alot of places that motor boats cannot get to. My advice would be to start out on the cheaper side, and then if you enjoy it, you can trade up to a nicer vessel. The kayaks that are made for fishing nowadays, are built just for that, fishing. Most comes with rod holders, and a livewell. And most if not all of fishing kayaks are ride ons. Meaning you ride on the hull rather then your legs being inside of it. Hope this helps.

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