whats the best kayak for ocean fishing?

2 thoughts on “whats the best kayak for ocean fishing?

  1. David in Kenai Post author

    In warm water, most people use a sit on top kayak. Some manufacturers are offering molded rod holders and such. For others, you need to bolt that on.

    Because I starting kayak fishing in Puget Sound and continued in Alaska, I’ve only ever used a closed-deck touring kayak. It is harder to store fish and crab pots under the bungies, but it can be done. I use a 5′ medium wieght pole that can stow below deck. And I only ever use 15-pound test because there is stuff out there that I don’t want to catch in a kayak.

    For cold water, my stitch-n-glue wooden triple (kit from Pygmy Boatworks) works really nice. Two people fore and aft with their sprayskirts on. A cockpit liner in the center cockpit allows you to toss halibut, salmon and rockfish into the center of the boat without getting fishblood all over you.

    Definitely get a waterproof, battery-powered fishfinder. Bottom depth, bottom type, thermoclines, trolling depth, etc, is easy to read off the display.

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