where can i find Cheap Kayak?

Hello, i am looking to buy a new or used kayak, but everywhere i seem to look they are all over $400, but i cannot afford that. And i want it to go fishing so it can’t be inflatable.. can anyone tell me where i can find one?
i dont want a boat… and just to say kayaks are good fishing boats.. i used to have one, but it sat for too long when i was sick and it got cracked by people putting things on it…

3 thoughts on “where can i find Cheap Kayak?

  1. Brandon N Post author

    If you want to go fishing a kayak is the worst boat to bring along. If i were you i would buy a used or cheap little boat.

  2. jethom33545 Post author

    Check the local papers.

    Start saving so you can afford one.

    Obviously Brandon doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Kayak fishing in an excellent way to fish. I use a wilderness systems Tarpon 140.

  3. Scott H Post author

    I would try E-bay or paddling.net, both hace a seperate listing/classified for good used KAYAKS nothing wrong with fishing out of them.

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