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where can i find Cheap Kayak?

Hello, i am looking to buy a new or used kayak, but everywhere i seem to look they are all over $400, but i cannot afford that. And i want it to go fishing so it can’t be inflatable.. can anyone tell me where i can find one?
i dont want a boat… and just to say kayaks are good fishing boats.. i used to have one, but it sat for too long when i was sick and it got cracked by people putting things on it…

How safe are these fishing boats?

Ok, here are my questions:

How safe are fly fishing pontoons and kayaks?
Which is safer?

What are the best brands?

What would you recemend?

I will be fishing in lakes and very slow moving streams.

Inflatable kayak for inshore sea fishing?

I’ve experimented with a Sevylor Tahiti, and have concluded that despite the initial worries about punctures, inflatable kayaks are practical fishing boats.

I’m now looking to spend a bit more money and get something a bit more hardcore. I’m looking for something that is good and rigid and that tracks well but can handle a light swell.

I’ve considered the Sevylor SVX200DS or maybe a Sea Eagle Paddleski.

Anybody any thoughts on other makes of inflatable kayak that would be good for fishing in estuaries or coastal inshore seas.