Which is more stable? Canoe or Kayak?

For recreational trips up and down the river, and possibly some fishing with a friend.

3 thoughts on “Which is more stable? Canoe or Kayak?

  1. Bob L Post author

    A kayak usually, depending on the type.

    In a canoe you are sitting up higher causing the center of gravity to be higher and make tipping it more easy.

    In a kayak your are sitting near the base with a very low center of gravity, in a lot of the kayaks I’ve been in tipping was nearly impossible.

  2. canoehunter Post author

    A canoe is a better choice for recreational paddling and fishing, especially if you plan to bring a freind. Your fishing gear, coolers, tackle boxes, etc can be stowed in the bottom of the boat lowering your center of gravity. Most kayaks don’t have easy to acces hatches that are large enough for that kind of stuff, and if you strap your gear on top you actually become top heavy. It is also alot easier to stand up in a canoe to see fish and cast your line effectively. Also, if you plan to use it for overnight trips, you have more storage for camping gear. Getting in and out of your boat is easier in a canoe, too.

  3. fuzzy Post author

    depends on the type of canoe & kayak, kayaks designed for speed &/or manouverability are quite unstable to to inexperienced users.
    It also depends on how you define the difference between the craft. Current definition is based on paddle type – double end paddle = kayak, single blade paddle = canoe! also ( but less important) sit in kayak & kneel in canoe!
    The older definition was loosely (British) if it wasn’t being paddled by an Eskimo it was a canoe. The US definition if it was even partially decked, it was a kayak. A partially decked canoe/kayak, fairly beamy, with a low seating position & a cockpit opening large enough to get your gear in is what you probably need.
    I’d suggest a boat each would be good. One canoe by itself if capsized cant recover midstream without help. Also a two man craft one up can be a real pain to control in windy conditions.
    Suggest you join a local club & take a couple of lessons – try out a couple of different craft before you make your choice.

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