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Which is more stable? Canoe or Kayak?

For recreational trips up and down the river, and possibly some fishing with a friend.

I am 6’3″ and 235. What Kayak should I get?

My friends will get the cheapest kayak some where like Dick’s Sporting goods. ($200-$300). I am willing to spend a bit more (around $500). We will mostly be on lakes (Fishing) and a float trip every once in a while (slow Missouri rivers).

I want to be comfortable and safe. I want to keep up with my friends who are all under 200lbs, so hopefully it handles well. I sat in one at Bass Pro that seemed nice. It is the Ascend FS10.

Any opinion would be appreciated. I am new to this.
You guys have got me thinking. What Canoe would you recommend. We like to each have our own boat, so what Canoe will be easy for one person to handle, but can hold two if needed from time to time.

I am still leaning towards a Kayak though. Does anyone have an opinion on the model I mentioned?

Thank you to all.

whats do you think is Better for me a canoe or a kayak?

note: I want something light portable and i can fish in i also want a to be able to travel in i like both but not too sure what i should get if you can give me a push in the right way. i am a out doors person so i might have to cary it with more gear when camping.