Which Kayak to choose?

Okay I have narrowed it down to two:
ClearWater Design Muskoka 12ft
ClearWater Design Iqaluit 12ft

I would be using the kayak for 1-7 day trips and also alot for fishing. Both kayaks are similar, but the Iqaluit has a much larger cockpit which I would think be an advantage for fishing. I’ve never fished from a kayak and was wondering which would be a better choice for my needs. Do I sacrifice better quality, tracking and speed for better fishing? Does the bigger cockpit really make a huge difference in fishing? FWI im no beginner fisherman.

Muskoka cockpit = 34″ X 16″
Iqaluit cockpit = 51″ X 18″

2 thoughts on “Which Kayak to choose?

  1. g_steed Post author

    I can’t answer your question. Kayaks are a poor choice for a fishing platform. An open canoe is the practical choice. Canoes are better because they allow greater loads and better access to gear.Please try a kayak and then a canoe. Kayaks are restrictive. They were designed or evolved to allow water to pour over them and not capsize. A canoe is a stable platform that can allow you freedom to move about.

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