Would a Canoe or Kayak be better? (See more in details)?

Would a Canoe or a Kayak be better for a small lake for fishing with more then 1 person?

5 thoughts on “Would a Canoe or Kayak be better? (See more in details)?

  1. Grand Master BasserĀ® Post author

    Most kayaks that are actually made for fishing are made for one person. Unless you plan to fish from a two-man pleasure kayak. But most canoes are made for more than one person, so your best bet is obviously the canoe.

    Honestly, I prefer a FLOAT TUBE over a kayak or a canoe, I can’t swim to save my life and don’t trust either a ‘yak or ‘noe as far as I can throw ’em. Fishing from a tube is just a much better all-around experience…

  2. Rusty Nail Post author

    I have a 14 foot two seat-er kayak from Fold-Boat 40 years ago. It is great for fishing. The main difference between a canoe and a kayak is the center of gravity. In a kayak you sit lower to the water or even below the surface like mine. This makes them almost tip proof. In a canoe you sit about 10 inches above the water surface. With the rounded bottom they can roll.

  3. Angel Post author

    If you want to fish with more than one person, I would suggest a canoe. Canoes relatively have more space: for people, gear and of course, fish! You can find solo, tandem and even 3-4 people canoes for sale in specialty stores, and also stores like Canadian Tire, Dick’s Sporting Goods etc.

    If you still want to know about fishing on a kayak, I can give some extra details. Most people that kayak fish would use a sit on top, since there would be more room for gear and it is easier to move around, get off, get on and jump in! Fishing exclusive kayaks will even come with rod holders, however, there won’t be as much space as a canoe. Another good feature of a kayak is that some sit on tops are so sturdy that you can stand up and fish.

    In the end, it is really up to preference. Canoeing is relatively easier to learn, has more storage,can relatively hold more people and has the capability of attaching a motor. While on the other hand, kayaks are relatively lighter, easy to solo or tandem paddle, easy to move around and comes with comfy back supports (great for those long trips). I would suggest shopping around a bit to make sure that you have considered each choice before making a purchase. Good luck and happy fishing!

  4. Josh Post author

    You’ve already got some good info. Something that you may consider is a regular fishing boat. I have a 10 foot Pelican Bass Raider, which is more suitable when it comes to fishing, for me anyways. When it comes to fishing, small boats like these are hard to beat.

  5. Jerry Post author

    I would NEVER use a kayak I love canoes, they are MUCH safer and 1,000 % drier, carry more gear and a longer canoe tracks better and glides further and with a thwart outrigger I can stand up and cast safely. The first time you dump a Kayak in deep water you will chop it into pieces if you get back alive.

    I had two friends who drowned in kayaks, one at a boat ramp.. You could not GIVE me a Kayak.

    Be SURE and take a course first for either one

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