Would this kayak be a good river kayak?

Someone I know is selling a Future Beach Trophy 126 kayak. It says it’s a fishing kayak, but I intend to use it for going on rivers. I’m new to kayaking, but I’ve always wanted my own kayak for going down rivers. He’s selling it for 250, about half the price and it’s brand new. Would this kayak work fine for going on rivers?

3 thoughts on “Would this kayak be a good river kayak?

  1. polly Post author

    Fishing kayak are normally wide and stable and also sit on top. you could go down rivers on it but I sure you want to stay reasonably dry? I would go for a river kayak look in the internet for white water kayak. if you want water fall or touring they are too different kayaks?

  2. Cruisemaster Post author

    ALL kayaks are compromises. This kayak would be ok through class 1. At class 2 rapids you will start to swamp the boat. It will not turn because it is designed to go straight. On mild water this is good because you will be faster than the whitewater boats. It also means you will see a rock then hit the rock. Whitewater boats resist going straight, but they can make amazing last second moves.

    This boat will be reasonably fast and stable. It will get you on the river to see what other people are paddling. You will also get some river reading experience.

    The best thing you can do is hook up with some people who can show you some rivers. Having some friends around results is unflattering pictures of your swim and some good natured laughing. Doing it by yourself results in lost gear or worse.

    Take the boat. Paddle it for a year, then sell it for $200 and use your new experience and the $200 to buy the boat that won your heart this Summer!

    One is a victim, Two is a witness, Three is a rescue! Never paddle alone.

    Drop by the GCA website. It probably isn’t convenient to you, but it will give you an idea of what you are looking for. The check out American Whitewater to find your local paddling club.

  3. g_steed Post author

    Whoa! You are getting ahead of yourself. The last thing you should do when taking up kayaking is buy a kayak. Read about kayaking, use your local library or book store. Learn the difference between the many kinds of kayaks. Make a list and get the prices of the gear you will need to outfit the kayak: PFD, helmet, paddle, skirt, flotation bags and a car rack. Kayaking is a dangerous sport. Most deaths occur to beginners without any kayak skills.You need at least a ten hour kayak course before you should venture onto a river. Right! Don’t boat alone. Locate the nearest kayak club and join it. You may be able to buy a used kayak that is better suited for river running than the one your considering.

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