Best place to travel to in Mexico?

My parents and I are planning a vacation for a week in Mexico.. But we dont know where to go.
My parents mainly like to go to the beach and chill there so we need a nice beach with nice clear water..
We also like to do activities such as scuba, fishing, kayaking and whatever so this place must have this not so far from our stay..
Please help thankss

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  1. clone2 Post author

    Cozumel which is an island off the coast of mexico–close to playa del carmen which is a bug shopping district–you can take the ferry from there to cozumel or just stay in cozumel–there are beaches, snorkeling, fishing-just about anything you want to do there.

  2. motapa Post author

    Cancun or Playa del Carmen, no doubt about it, the Caribbean beaches are wonderful and you have the jungle all around them, in Cabo you’ll find only desert sea and resorts, much more things to do in Cancun or Playa del Carmen.

  3. Jammy Post author

    If you like beaches and want scuba, kayaking etc. The place to go is Cozumel. Its an Island to the south east of cancun. Its pretty virgin but you still have 5 star hotels. Everything is close and the coral reefs there are the second most important in the world after australia. The Island has an airport with flights from Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Chicago, Denver and Detroit airports in the US and from Toronto and Vancouver in Canada

    Hope you have a great vacation!!!

  4. celi a Post author

    id say anywhere in the Yucatan pinicula but if your not into the beach id say zacatecas or Puebla it all good.

  5. reno Post author

    Well I would suggest Akumal or Tulum. They are both about two hours south of Cancun. We stayed in Akumal last summer for two weeks and snorkeled everyday and they have scuba diving trips all the time. Its also nice because you can drive to several other towns in very little time. We love it here its beautiful.

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