bottom fishing while drifting on my boat.?

i have a fishing ski (kayak)… i just wanted to know if i would be able to bottom fish with dead bait while i was un-anchored and drifting in the sea at a depth of probably 20 meters. would you still catch fish if the bait and sinker was near the floor but not touching it?

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  1. Taylor G Post author

    probably just get an anchor so that ur hook stays in the same place

  2. WarDruid Post author

    I would research the kind of seabed level fish that are in the area before discovering what may be a waste of time.

    Your best bet for trolling would be to find out what kind of fish are in the area, which are the best to eat and set your line accordingly. The first fish you catch, gut it and check the contents of it’s stomach…this will tell you what those fish like best. Use it as bait. MOst often, I use the largest thing in the stomach as bait for my next fish, then try to find where it would have come from and root it out.
    old Scottish trick.

  3. Artie Post author

    I don’t know where in the world you are but if you are inshore (bays, harbors, estuaries and wetlands included) you will increase your catch by drifting with the current (the ingoing and outgoing tides) Yes bottom fishing is hugely productive. flounder and halibut are bottom dwelling great eats but make sure to watch the size limits for taking them and watch out for their teeth. if the wind is blowing you the opposite direction of the current I would go home and fish a better time of day. Suspended bait fishing will get bit but in my experience it is from schooling junk fish. unless you are in an area where tuna and dorado are plentyful. If you are using frozen baits like anchovies or sardines they can be cut in half (at an angle) giving a point to the head and tail half. makes the bait release more of the available food scent and brings the ofactory feeders in quicker. You might even try artificial baits, plastic swim tail, worms, grubs and crank baits.

  4. paul g Post author

    certainly, but a kayak? take a long a ship to shore radio or some flares just in case you pick up some additional speed somewhere. I would change the tackle to a large jig and a piece of bait like a fish head or small crab. Good luck and see ya in Hawii.

  5. flounderbytes Post author

    I encounter a lot of kayak fishermen and yes, drift fishing is extremely productive. I fish the Northeast a lot and we regularly catch flounder, weakfish (sea trout) some bluefish, along with the rays, sharks (yes, you’re gonna hook into ’em) sea robbins, etc. There are a number of ways to catch fish in your kayak. Try the free report at :
    it may help answer more of your questions. Tight lines!!!

  6. ehnoda Post author

    Yes, I bounce the bottom with dead bait all the time. Have to make sure you use enough weight to get the bait down deep to where the fish are.

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