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The Complete Fishing Kayak, a Heck of a Fishing Boat!

I put this clip together after receiving numerous requests to¬†educate on how I’ve gone about fitting out my Hobie Adventure Island fishing kayak.
Ramming Speed is a no-expense spared fishing kayak experiment, the result 18 months of trial and error.

What is your dream fishing boat?

Whether it’s a bass boat, a deep-v-hulled boat, a kayak, a conoe, a rubber boat, a Zodiak-lookin’ boat, a skiff, a saltwater flats boat, a trawler, a commercial sportfishing boat, a cabin cruiser, anything. What’s your absolute dream boat?

bottom fishing while drifting on my boat.?

i have a fishing ski (kayak)… i just wanted to know if i would be able to bottom fish with dead bait while i was un-anchored and drifting in the sea at a depth of probably 20 meters. would you still catch fish if the bait and sinker was near the floor but not touching it?