fishing from a kayak ?

Does anyone have now how on fishing and landing fish from a kayak in a current situation like a moderately moving current? I’m a new comer to kayak fishing and have hooked quite a few good small mouth bass and one muskie but had limited success landing them any advice would be help full.
allot of spots that seem to produce the best are not good for wadeing and are too deep to to just pull over because of current speed. I’ve thought f a bogo-grip to keep the hooks out of my hand but the constraints of the kayak still make it difficult and a net takes up room.

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  1. Larry G Post author

    I have the same trouble, that’s why I got a canoe to get me to the spot and wade fish.

  2. BASSMASTER Post author

    you could use a trolling motor and put it on it lowest speed and aim it in the opposite direction of the current or just drop an anchor. For landing them just get some heavy line about 14-20 lb test and horse the fish in and flip him in the kayak.

  3. Southern Skoller Post author

    Im laying on the beach one time and this ole boy in a yellow kayak paddles in and rides a wave to the sand. He drags the kayak in one hand and two nice king mackerels in the other to the parking lot.

  4. JD Post author

    Your problem is a common one. I have a 16′ Hobie “Mirage” Adventure that is Pedal powered. It is unbeatable in water with minimal or no current but a real “bear” to control in moderate current moving water. I can’t count the number of hooked fish I lost because of current and landing issues it caused. I got to the point that in moving water I only fished pockets or shorelines with exposed tree’s or old roots to tie off on. It was either that or hook a fish and try to keep it on my line while I bee-lined for the shore or lower current pockets to land the fish. The best solution is to avoid fishing in moderate to strong currents in the first place. I don’t know where you live but there has to be other fishing areas you can check out that have limited current. The only other option is trail and error. I found it frustrating due to lost fish and made the change. Wish I could help you more.

  5. Lance D Post author

    Kayak fishing does restrict what you are able to take along. I fish the Texas Coast out of my Kayak and have found it easy to scale down what I need. On every trip I take the following Items with me: 2 rods and reels, 1 pair of hook outs, 1 Boga-grip, A basket that contains the following items: a tackle bag of various soft plastics, 1 box of topwater lures, 1 small box of spoons, a stringer, a couple of corks and weights.
    I know this sounds like a lot of stuff but if packed correctly you will have plenty of room. I also fish from a sit on top kayak.

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