Fishing from a Sit on top Kayak?

I am 4 foot 11 inches and 90 lbs. I need a kayak to go fishing, that is easily portable. I would use it for touring and fishing and would store it in the back of my moms car. please help me by answering the following questions.

1.) How good are sit on top kayaks for fishing/touring?
2.) What is bad about sit on top kayaks?
3.) If i was planning on using a sit on top kayak for fishing and a little bit of touring, on a scale from 1-10 how good do you believe “The Dragonfly Wave Junior Kayak” from would be for me?

3 thoughts on “Fishing from a Sit on top Kayak?

  1. Scott H Post author

    WELL it’s rated at 140 lbs and you are 90lbs, thats 50lbs of gear and accessorys. Seems on the small size but if you are not going to grow any it might work out. It looks like a real sit on top, where as a lot of sit on tops you sit into more than just on top. scale wise 5 it does not seem to be a good touring model and hard to tie anything down! BUT I always say its better to be on the water fishing, than on the bank wishing!

  2. angry kid130 Post author

    1) Very good for fishing, not for touring, me and my uncle both go fishing in them and we both gets loads more than off the bank, but make sure its stable. For touring they have too much drag and your hand will kill after any distance (see Q”)

    2) You can’t go on anything but short (max 2-3hrs) expeditions, can’t really do much else unless you just want to sit there (which for fishing is perfect)

    3) About a 4/5. It doesn’t have a very good keel, which for fishing you do need. The paddle is a bit short (I’m 6ft and can’t touch the top of my sit-ons blades) but, if your not going to put on much weight (no offense) it has an adequate weight limit and is quite small which is good for storage but I would advise something like mine. Its a bit more expensive but I weigh more than you and I can sit at the very front with no chance of a capsize (unless a massive wave comes along!)

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