Good inflatable kayak for ocean and fresh water fishing?

I’m looking for a good inflatable kayak that I can use in both the ocean and lakes/rivers in semi-harsh conditions when needed. I’m 6’4 220 so it needs to be big and have storage for fishing and camping gear. Looking to spend around $500, but don’t hesitate to recommend something more expensive, I want to look at all my options. So far this is what I’ve found that looks pretty good to me and is probably what I will get unless someone can recommend something better,

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  1. c_kayak_fun Post author

    That AE boat would not be that safe for you in “semi-harsh” coastal conditions. First off, these are very wide and flatbottomed. They are slow to paddle, tend to windcock and do not track well — these are not characteristics you want when you could be caught in strong wind and waves. You could easily be swept out from shore and have a difficult time getting back in. Also, despite what the makers say, these boats do NOT have a lot of storage space. They are really more of a recreational toy for inland waters.

    I own several models of kayaks including a couple of combination frame and inflatables and have used and owned a number of others. I think the best bang for the buck are the Pakboats.

    There is one dealer who sells them on Ebay and the REI stores are also dealers. We have an XT-15 but there are several other models – the Puffin series is a bit cheaper but all use the same technology and materials. They are very easy to set up and very strong, with a ladder aluminum frame as well as the inflatable tubes that shape the skin. You can use them with the spray deck on like a full kayak or take it off and use them as more of a C-1 type open boat. Unlike the inflatables like Advanced Element, Sevylor, Innova and other full inflatables, the Pakboats have tons of storage space and are easy to paddle quickly and they track well, almost as well as a high-quality rigid hard boat. The seats are incredibly comfortable and adjustable. And the 16′ Saranac, though longer than the AE and with more cargo room, weighs 28 lbs, which 15 pounds less than the AE.

    You will pay from $700 to over $1000 for one but the performance difference is like night and day. i was turned on to these kayaks by a guy who is a fishing guide — he has used them for years in Alaska and Patagonia and says they are bombproof. We’ve been really pleased with the performance of the one we got last Spring — it is as comfortable, fast and rugged as my $4,000 Feathercraft Wisper folding kayak (which. like the Pakboats, has inflatable sponsons as well as an aluminum frame). This is a kayak I would not hesitate to take in open ocean. It is very stable in wind and chop yet you can paddle straight and fast in it. Very easy to set up and take down and you can access gear stored in it just by pealing back the top deck, like the tonneau cover on a truck bed.

    There are a few YouTube videos of the Pakboats in the water if you want to search them out.

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