Good small fishing pole with reel that isnt a crappy spider man pole?

Im looking for a small fishing pole that can still catch a big fish. I need it for when im on my kayak so it needs to be small and easy to cast.

4 thoughts on “Good small fishing pole with reel that isnt a crappy spider man pole?

  1. Rusty Nail Post author

    Get a 5 1/2 or 6 foot Ultra light rod and open face reel to match. Put 4 pound line on the reel and have fun.

  2. Grand Master Basser® Post author

    For kayak fishing you need at least a six-foot-six rod, seven would be better. The longer length helps when a fish is in the vicinity of the bow of the kayak. But, I’m sure you won’t take that into consideration so here’s a couple links..

    Spinning rod, six to twelve pound line, one-eighth to half-ounce weight, medium action…

    Trigger rod, six to twelve pound line, one-eigth to half-ounce weight, medium action…

  3. Josh Post author

    What kind of fish will you be going for? Like someone else said, an ultralight would be perfect for your scenario, as long as the fish aren’t too big. Ultralight gear is absolutely great when in heavily wooded areas or like your situation, somewhat crammed on space.

    In all honesty, I don’t know what companies make good ultralight setups. I would assume Quantum has some fairly nice ones. I have a Mitchell setup myself, but it’s nowhere near a top of the line setup, but I like it a lot and have used it trouble free for almost 10 years. The rod is 4’6. It’s just something to consider.

    I mainly use mine for Bluegill and Crappie fishing, but if I run into a lot of smaller Bass, I will use it for them also. If you do consider this, keep in mind, these setups won’t hold any heavier line than about a 4 pound test. As long as you have the drag adjusted properly, and don’t rush anything, you can get good sized fish in. It’s more fun as well.

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