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Good small fishing pole with reel that isnt a crappy spider man pole?

Im looking for a small fishing pole that can still catch a big fish. I need it for when im on my kayak so it needs to be small and easy to cast.

I need an ocean fishing pole.?

I was hoping for some recomendations for what kind of rod and reel to get to do some ocean kayak fishing. Mostly for rock fish. Any tips on types of lures would be helpful as well. I am on the central california coast as well. Thanks

What is a good, compact fishing pole I can use in my kayak?

I’ll be on small rivers, lakes and ponds, going after bass, trout and the like. I just find a conventional pole to be really awkward to deal with while sitting in a kayak. Any ideas?
Mark D – good answer, but in my case I’ve already got the kayak; it’s an 8′ recreational one. Sooo…I’ve gotta find a pole that suits the ‘yak, not visa-versa.